About the Enigma Golf Lab

I have always been passionate about golf, a sport
that has been intertwined with my life since
childhood. My first job at 14 was at a golf course,
where I worked my way up from golf cart jockey
to senior pro shop staff before leaving for

Throughout my school years, golf remained a significant part of my life,
offering personal connections and a creative
outlet. After a few years in the corporate world, I
realized my true calling was in golf. I began
working at a golf shop, focusing on club
alterations and repairs. Under the guidance of a
master club builder, I honed my skills but
became frustrated with the high costs passed on
to customers due to store overheads.

Determined to provide quality services at more
affordable prices, I founded Enigma Golf Lab in
2023, starting from my garage. By May 2024, I
had transformed it into a full-service shop. This
venture allows me to deliver valuable services to
golfers while pursuing my passion and bringing
joy to my life.

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